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Scotts Valley 4-H

How to Get Started?? Jump right in!

Attend a 4-H Meeting!  Sign up for a project or two on your way in. Participate in everything you can. Encourage your kids to try new things. A common pattern that we have experienced is "I don't want to. . . That was cool!"

Help with club activities like community service, publicity or fundraising.

For primary members (those 5-8 years old) plan to attend project meetings and activities with your child.

For older children, decide if your child is likely to benefit from some parental oversight. Often they do great and enjoy the independence from parents, but be realistic about how their behavior might effect the experience for the project leader and the whole group.

Attend Monthly Meetings - While the club meetings are run by the youth and only the youth members can vote, we recommend that a parent attend as well. The meeting is a learning environment and the youth may need guidance. Also, many upcoming events, dates and time commitment decisions will be made and your child may not yet be a reliable source for such information.