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Scotts Valley 4-H

4-H is an international organization for youth, ages 5-19 years old, that promotes hands-on learning and is based on parent and volunteer participation. The 4-H program in the United States is administered through county Cooperative Extension offices, land grant colleges in each state, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and a variety of volunteer councils at the county, state, and national levels.

4-H welcomes all youth (and adult volunteers) from all backgrounds in all locales (rural and urban).

Join in Projects which are classes taught by volunteer adults and teens on a wide variety of skills!

Help others and learn about Community Service!  4-Hers learn about the world outside their home and learn to help others as they learn to help themselves.

Participate in Events!  Everything ranging from 4th of July parades, County Fair, picnics, game nights and craft days!  So much fun in the making.

Compete and earn awards after having mastered skills ranging from leadership, arts and crafts, or in animal show.  Learn to present and represent!