Welcome to

Scotts Valley 4-H

Welcome to Scotts Valley 4-H!

Where we make the Best, Better!

Scotts Valley 4-H is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains in the city of Scotts Valley, CA.  

A program for all school children ranging from ages 5-19 years of age!

Contact us for more information!



Meeting Dates

for 2016-2017

·     Sept 2016 - No Meeting

See us at the Santa Cruz County Fair Grounds in the Crosetti Bldg!

·     October 10, 2016

·     November 14, 2016

·     December 12, 2016

·     January, 2016 – No Meeting

·     February 13, 2016

·     March 13, 2016

·     April 10, 2016

·     May 8, 2016

·     June, 2016 –

End of Year Party. Date TBD

Community Covenant Church

2700 El Rancho Dr.

in Scotts Valley


Meeting Location

We are now enrolling members

Ages: 5-19

Enrollment fees are:

$38 / year for youth members

$14 / year for volunteers and leaders


6:00 pm  

Meeting Start Time


Meeting Time


Join us at the Crosetti Building @ Santa Cruz County Fair

Saturday,  September 10th

* 9am -12 pm: County Floral Arranging

* 12pm: Floral Arrangments due for Judging

* 9am - 5 pm: SV 4-H Final Booth Build

Sunday, September 11th

* 12pm - 1pm: 4-H Booth Judging in Crosetti Building

       * Be apart of the judging!

       * Find your 4-H Leader @ the Crosetti Building

Saturday, September 17th

* HOSTING @ Crosetti Building

      * 2pm - 4pm  &  4pm - 6pm shifts

      * SV 4-H hosts at the Crosetti Building

      * Join us to show others why we love 4-H so much!

      * Bring crafts that you would like to show

      * Bring presentation boards

      * Send an email using the "Contact Us" area below or

         emails sent to currently enrolled members.

Clover Deli Shifts still available!

* Currently enrolled members already have email for

      shifts that are still available. If you are a newly

      enrolled member, send email using the "contact us"


September 19th

* 9am - 5pm: Booth Breakdown

      * Help 4-Hers to break down our awesome booth

        at the Crosetti building.

National 4-H Week

Oct 2nd- 8th, 2016

National 4-H Week is October 2nd - 8th, 2016!!  

* For ages 9+: Wear your 4-H gear in your community and take a picture!  Send it to our Event's Coordinator for record book points. Get more bling for your hat!

* For ages 8 and under: you can color the above page and bring it to the October 10th SV 4-H Meeting!  Get a goodie when you turn in your picture to the Oct 10th meeting.

Click the picture above to download the picture!